Google Ads
Getting the best value from your advertising budget

Getting Google Ads set up right

Google Ads comes with a wizard style set up, so it’s dead easy to set up!  Pop in an ad, set a budget and some keywords and away you go!  Traffic starts flocking to your site!  Couldn’t be simpler…

That’s all very well, but is the traffic the right traffic?  At Mitchell Creative we make sure that your Google Ads account is set up correctly so that you are targeting your market.  Multiple clicks to your website from people who are not looking for your service and ready to buy can be costly. It’s very easy for budgets to be quickly used up with limited return on investment.

When setting up your advertising account on Google, we make sure everything is tied down, so your advert presents to people actually searching for your product or service in the location that you offer it!  

reducing cost per click

Google also reduces your cost per click (cost for every time someone clicks on your advert) for more relevant ads to your webpage, so we make sure this is right too.  This means more clicks for your budget.

If you are already coming up number 1 on Google for some of your services, there is not much point paying for an ad for those keywords (unless you like wasting money or your ego means you want to be top of paid and top of organic – hello qantas…), so we can filter those out and focus on the keywords that are not performing well for your site.




As time goes on and your domain name is ranked higher with Google, then the need for Google Ads may decrease and you can rely on your organic listing.  It depends on the industry and competition – but for most small businesses working in their local area, achieving first page ranking organically is usually achievable.


We are accountable for the work we do and we only charge for work carried out, so we don’t put clients on a huge monthly retainer.  Most of the work to get your account going is in the first month, after that you can choose to check reports yourself, or have us check and tweak where necessary.