Our Hosting Servers are located in Australia, with 24 hour technical management.  Additionally, we not only have our own dedicated servers, we also have a mirrored back up facility, whereby the server is mirrored every three hours to another in-house server.

For our customers, this means that data loss risk is reduced,  and restoration of files is much quicker than from our overnight off site backups, should it be required.

Hosting with Mitchell Creative

Hosting Inclusions

All hosting plans have the following:

  • A plan size to suit your data requirements
  • A bandwidth plan to suit your requirements
  • Auto SSL for security of your site – lock shown on your website pages
  • Optional Email availability for imap or pop 3 emails
  • DNS record management for external emails
  •  High Speed Servers
  • 24 Hour Tech Management of Servers
  • All software required to run server and licensing
  • Overnight Backups to off site server
  • 3 Hourly Mirrored Backups to on site server
  • Server Software updates and Hardening to reduce risk of hacking
  • cpanel