We want to let all our clients know we are continuing to operate with all our usual services.  We want to be here to support all our existing clients and also to help any new clients as you adjust your businesses to work in our “new normal”.

We will be operating remotely from our homes to ensure the safety of our team and will manage all your work remotely.  With remote access to your computers, and the use of all available technologies to communicate with everyone, we hope to make it as easy as possible for you.

if you have any questions or need assistance, please get in contact with Jane on 0411 408931 or email

Mitchell Creative Townsville North QLD

Your Digital Marketing, Graphic & Website Design Experts

We rely on the internet for finding goods and services. Smart businesses know they need a website and digital presence to get their brand known and trusted.  For established businesses, maintaining a modern website with the latest looks and features is key to showing you are at the forefront or your industry.

At Mitchell Creative we custom design and build functional, easy to use websites in WordPress. We  create an individual design and layout plus a content management system that allows you to personally update your own website.


When you’ve invested heavily in your products and services for your business, you need the best quality graphic design. 

Mitchell Creative offers all aspects of digital and print graphic design, from developing your brand and logo to creating a full range of marketing material including websites, business cards, letterheads, logos, billboards and everything your business needs to present professionally and generate new business.


Your logo is the first step to giving your business its identity. 

Studies have shown that viewers relate to images faster than text, so you want, and need a logo that will engage with your audience, foster and maintain customer loyalty.  

If you already have a logo, we can refresh your logo and bring it up to date, still keeping your style and branding, just with a fresh modern look, to take your business into the future.

If you're new to digital marketing or aren't sure how to get the best results, we're here to help

There are so many opportunities to market your business, but which ones will get you best results?  Social Media in it's many forms, Website, Online Directory, Google Ads... or traditional methods?  It can be overwhelming working out what to do.  It's easy to try them all and spend lots of money without any real results.  We can point you in the right direction, target your advertising properly and get a better return on your investment!


Terrific content is designed to engage customers and draw them to your business. Mitchell Creative can write the copy for your website or promotional material to make sure you have a clear, professional message with a call to action for your clients and customers.

We can jazz up your existing content or with a little guidance from you on your business, write your copy from scratch to suit the application required.  

At Mitchell Creative we design and build all our websites to be responsive across all digital media, search engine friendly and optimised so that you get the best ranking you can.

We offer a range of advanced search engine optimisation services including comprehensive SEO analysis supported by a range of relevant strategies to further improve ranking on any website, whether its new to the market or an existing site.


When you choose Mitchell Creative to design and build your website, it is stored on our high speed, dedicated server for exclusive use by our clients. 

We run offsite backups every night and we also have a mirrored server in house, which copies the complete server every three hours, so in the event of the primary server failure, we switch to that server, rather than the common lengthy solution of restoring backups to a new server.

Our servers are high performing and fast with 24/7 onsite technicians in Australia.

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